Caring for the communities where our employees and neighbors live and work is a long-term commitment for St. Luke’s University Health Network, and one that we take seriously. Healthy, strong and vibrant communities are key to our ability to retain and develop dedicated employees like you and working with the United Way as our local partner is key to our success.

We can say with confidence that great things happen when we LIVE UNITED—more students are thriving, more families have access to nutritious food, more seniors are healthy and safe in their own homes, and our neighbors will have access to emergency services in times of crisis.

Click on the tabs above for more detailed information on this year’s campaign. St. Luke’s is hoping for 100% participation from our employees, management team, physicians and senior leaders. With your participation, we can reach this year's goal of contributing $350,000 to benefit those less fortunate in our shared communities.As a special benefit to those who participate in the St. Luke’s United Way campaign, 100% of your contribution will be distributed to the charity or cause of your choice, without any fundraising or administrative fees.

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